LOL This Is The Perfect In-Shower Beauty Hack

Ever have one of those days where your make up is fly, but your hair needs a good refreshening?

Well, Snapchatter Lauren has a solution for you and it’s super simple. The answer? Goggles.

In a blog post that has racked up over 91500 notes to date, this self proclaimed innovator posted a quick before and after Snapchat of her jumping in the shower with classic swim goggles. And voila, clean hair and still perfectly on fleek falsies and blessed eyebrows.

Can we say genius? Well, she seems to think so as she reblogged the post and hashtagged ‘I can’t handle this. I am famous,’ and continued ‘about fucking time honestly.’

Well kudos to you because the next time I need to keep my cat eye in tact, I’m trying out this crazy beauty hack.