The Next Step in Sneakers Has Arrived: Adidas is Launching 3D Printed Soles

Reacting to consumers’ increased desire for customized footwear, Adidas announced Friday that they will be mass producing a sneaker with a 3D printed sole later this year.

Already recognized for offering personalization of colour and the pattern of shoes ordered online, this initiative further marks the German brands commitment to the future of fashion and exclusivity of Adidas’ designs.

Adidas teamed up with Silicon Valley startup Carbon, who crafts 3D products using light and oxygen in a process they call Digital Light Synthesis. The brand hopes that they can sell up to 5,000 pairs of the sneaker, titled Futurecraft, in the first year but expect to produce around 100,000 pairs by the end of 2018.

Technical jargon aside, the shoe’s simplicity wrapped up with the complexity of its creation is almost mythical and we can’t wait to get our hands on a pair. While there’s no word on the cost of the Futurecraft, we do know that Adidas promises the technology is both cost effective and has a quicker turn around time than traditional production methods.

Well, we’re sold. Are you?